Sunday, 25 October 2009

Halloween Cards, Spooktacular !

When surfing one of my favourite card blogs; Linanna's, Linda mentioned digital download card kits . Decided to investigate what that was all about.
Checked out the web site she recommended The Creative Cottage
Their freebie for the month of October is called Spooktacular.
Could not pass up this amazing kit, but was worried how it would print, how much ink it would use and even if I could do it properly....
Here are the cards I made;
Witchy and Dracula;



The parts of the file were printed on card stock , colours are brighter than my camera is showing....time for a new camera! All the pieces are were included in the kit, overall very easy to use , my cutting skills need to improve.Did not think the ink used was excessive.
If you like to make cards do check out the links I have posted for some great ideas and kits.


Rosanne said...

These cards are very cute! Love the use of the border punch too!

Rosemary said...

Thanks for that border punch.