Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lamp Shade redo!

I have had for many years a lovely brass swing arm tri-light lamp that I dearly love , great to read by. Whenever I have tried to replace lamp shades to match new decor ,can never seem to find the right size . To solve this problem have attempted
to re-cover lamp shades when needed.
The saga of my favourite lamp's life ;
started out shiny and new with a pink pleated shade fabric(remember when rose was in), then after attending a decorater's home showcase ; saw a rose flower lamp shade ; Made a similar one using my handy hot glue gun and many bright pink silk roses ,covering the shade completely.
Whimsy, tres chic!So in!
Okay, not every one's idea of chic but it was kitch.I think my daughters thought I was nuts.
After several years decided that the roses were a bit too much; so hot glue gun in hand came up with something a little less over the top .

What do you think? still OTT with all those leaves, note the pink peeking thru?
Lived with this version for a couple of years and now I have recovered it yet again with the help of my trusty hot glue gun.Thanks goodness for hot glue guns.
Lamp stripped of old pink cover and leaves.

Ta Da ! my new shade with soft sage green ultra suede on .

Needs some trim to finish it off.Will try to restrain myself from OTT trim, tho perhaps some bling!
Next on the updating of items; 2 pillows to cover with same ultra suede fabric and perhaps a foot stool.
No more kitch!


Rosanne said...

The green suede looks terrific!

Shady Gardener said...

Rosemary, What we do in the name of "art!" ;-) It's always fun at the time, but I really like what you've done now... much more relaxed and informal. Thanks for sharing!

Rosemary said...

Rosanne; The suede is very easy to use.
Shady; I too have to laugh at what is "in" at one time and then later one shakes one's head wondering what was I thinking.