Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored (HBO)

My favourite show   Samuel L. Jackson does a  fantastic narration.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Art in the Barn

On Saturday family  got together  for day trip     Art in the Barn at the Dorchester Fairgrounds with  over 230  vendors.  Some tacky but also some very nice    items.

Brittany Sherry Rosanne and myself   
We got an early morning  start  to try to beat the crowds.
Blue skies and fresh temperatures
Sherry met a friend..
 By noon dark clouds  had moved in  and the   vending area had gotten very busy.
Crowds building
We all found some treasures. Sherry  got a lovely  sheer  top, and a Dorchester  heritage history  book, Brittany  added to her collection of Coca Cola  trays, Rosanne    purchased soaps  from Jezebel  Wantonly Decadent  Artisan  Soaps and Perfumes  Amusingly  names like Trollop, Harlot and  Floozy.  Rosanne suggested I try the hard shampoo  soap  which is great for taking when on trips..
We  then came back to  have lunch at my home. Made  several items but the  2 I particularly felt were successful were   caprese with  a balsamic reduction
 and Mary Berry scones  with homemade strawberry jam..
Been watching on PBS  The great British Baking Championship. hence the scones. 
Had fun  setting the tablescape  
Found a good use for vintage  teacups filled with water and added a tealight.  , great way to use    lonely  cups...
Was a fun day with  my daughters and granddaughter.,

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Cards and Jam

June is one of my favourite  months because of strawberry season.
  Is there nothing better than  strawberry shortcake? Yes I did indulge..
 Had a pint of berries  that needed to be used up . A  search on line   and I found this recipe for   a small batch of  jam at  Chocolate Moosey  .....
Happily it makes just one jar. A tiny bit left over for me to taste.. very good . This is a cooked jam using  lemon juice .
 I now have  a treat to share with company; won't it go well with   cream scones.
 Made  3 cards  this month   
 The   one on the left is a birthday card embossed with gold   popped up  balloon..  a touch of scallop on one edge.  The middle one   could be birthday or  sympathy  soft calla lily stamp   embossed and die cut edge in navy , Soft pink liner and soft pink on  edge of  callas. The last card is another birthday perfect for a  male.....4 different   stamps,  coloured ,    tho hard to see there is a  sun  just rising in the  picture near the birds  .. a die cut of grasses complete the card.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Gramma and Brianne

One more pic of the beautiful bride.. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wedding Brianne and Dan

On the weekend  my eldest Granddaughter Brianne got married.
 What a joy it was to  see  this lovely young woman take this momentous step in her life. 

Her soon to be  husband   and his groomsmen waiting for ceremony to start.....
They  chose a lovely venue Cambridge Mill.  The  wedding was  in the evening...  starting at 6pm. Weather was warm and pleasant with  the scent of weigela scenting the  air. 
Guests waiting for ceremony
Brock and Julia

Keith Donna myself and grandson  Brayden
Cutting cake 

Parents Table

Bridesmaids  with Bride
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!st Dance
Colour scheme for the wedding varying shades  of   hydrangea blues  , Floral arrangements and  bouquets   lovely 
wonderful fragrance

There were even  cupcakes decorated  like hydrangea soft shades of blue and lavender and cream.

Family at the wedding;

Keith Donna and son in law Willie

Sherry with her boys Brock and Brayden.
Did I mention how lovely everything was?   Wonderful time......