Friday, 10 June 2016

Gramma and Brianne

One more pic of the beautiful bride.. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wedding Brianne and Dan

On the weekend  my eldest Granddaughter Brianne got married.
 What a joy it was to  see  this lovely young woman take this momentous step in her life. 

Her soon to be  husband   and his groomsmen waiting for ceremony to start.....
They  chose a lovely venue Cambridge Mill.  The  wedding was  in the evening...  starting at 6pm. Weather was warm and pleasant with  the scent of weigela scenting the  air. 
Guests waiting for ceremony
Brock and Julia

Keith Donna myself and grandson  Brayden
Cutting cake 

Parents Table

Bridesmaids  with Bride
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!st Dance
Colour scheme for the wedding varying shades  of   hydrangea blues  , Floral arrangements and  bouquets   lovely 
wonderful fragrance

There were even  cupcakes decorated  like hydrangea soft shades of blue and lavender and cream.

Family at the wedding;

Keith Donna and son in law Willie

Sherry with her boys Brock and Brayden.
Did I mention how lovely everything was?   Wonderful time......

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Retirement dull , boring Don't think so.!

Almost the end of May .
It has finally turned warm after a very  cool and wet   spring. Now  30 degrees and  all the lovely spring green is quickly turning brown from  now a lack of water. 
Condo living limits my gardening   but I have managed to    brighten up my front porch and back deck,
Repainted my metal  planters one is burnt sienna to match bricks  and one in chocolate brown to match chairs and table..... My front porch is north facing so  filled planters with shade loving plants from  coleus , rex begonias, fuchsia, caladium,   trailing  alyssum, euphorbia, fibrous begonias and bacopa. Yes I stuffed them  .
The front porch is  a very private sitting area  one I wanted to   have immediate  plant lushness,
Moved the pansies to back but kept the hurricane  shade and candle in  planter on table, the  burnt umber  container sits by front door.  I also  made a fairy garden in  the bird bath that sits by step.

On the back deck  I did go a bit overboard on planters,   2 railing boxes, hanging fuchsia , so love to see hummingbirds  come to visit; 1 window box, herb box, 5 other  planters. Seems like a lot but oh the deck is now an oasis  of  flowers........can hardly wait for them all to fill in . Did not fill them  quite as full as the front..... I like watching the flowers grow and spread.....
 The step and  small window box
The deck is south facing so picked   sun loving  for this area , Patriot Violet  geraniums, lime potato vine,  stocks for scent,    white bacopa.
I decided to utilize a   metal  shelf unit I had to   help give the deck more  privacy  cause over the fence are  2 homes with  2 pools  and  young children to enjoy those pools...... not that I mind   I enjoy hearing children playing and the splashing in the water....
 On the stand are lots of  containers....
These containers hold   geraniums of course  million bells,   potato vine  and a variety of small     fillers, Sweet peas and morning glories have been planted on either side of  stand in large pots to hopefully twine up the  stand so becomes a wall of green......
 Hanging fuchsia , already had a humming bird visiting......

Large container in corner holding caster bean   geranium, purple and line potato vine   and  Mandeville vine  with some  Victoria salvia  and more stocks ..

I have been enjoying this  back deck usually early morning coffee  reading a very good book  The Girl on The  Train on my Kobo... quiet  in the garden   at that time....  Lunch is    another  time I find   I  use this space Later in the day  I tend to  sit on front porch  which is shaded  so cooler.Thank goodness for porches....
The planter  gracing the table is from my Granddaughters.  

Latest card  made just this week  Lovely house set, stamped  , shaded, a touch of flower soft , popped up portico  and simple  interior.   

Who ever said  retirement is boring?
Today went to  Woodstock to  the     Antique Mall. 3 floors packed with  a variety of    treasures.. some  I am sure I used to have....made  me smile   at  so much retro. Did not buy anything Yet!   some ideas to consider.
 Was    fun . Good Sunday outing  . Even with the heat lots of  people  also   looking around..
  Leisurely drove home   on  back  highway rather than  take  the busy   401.   Delighted in the   pastoral    scenery.
 Nice way to spend Sunday...... 


Monday, 9 May 2016

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day ! to all.
Spent a wonderful afternoon with my daughters  at the Golden Teapot  Tea Room at Glenhyrst Garden and Art Gallery in Brantford.

Strolled the grounds  and stopped in at an art sale at the cottage then on to main house  for a Kensington tea..
This home belonged to  Lawren Harris  one of the Group of Seven  artists..... His family  started the Massey Harris  company . He is credited with  forming  the Group of Seven.



 We were seated in the  sunroom  overlooking the garden .Such a pretty room.
We sipped Queen Elizabeth tea considered the champagne of tea. Certainly agree, very smooth with out  after taste.......  A nectarine spritzer was  refreshing... as well.  Everything was delicious . Scones light and fluffy.Veggies and fruit tray and finishing with  dainty  desserts..  Then the girls gave me  gifts as well , feeling very spoiled....

 This is the second year that Sherry has  found  a special   tea room  to try....that were unknown to us.. last year at Abigail's in St George and now Golden Tearoom in Brantford..

Thank you so much  Rosanne and Sherry for the wonderful afternoon spent together..... So appreciate the  outing,

Monday, 18 April 2016

Bridal Shower for Brianne

Brianne my oldest granddaughter is getting married in June .
Isn't she cute in her bow hat
 Lit initials  for  Brianne and Dan and  one of their engagement pictures framed......
 Sunday was  a festive Bridal shower for her hosted by her Aunt Sherry and her maid of honor Claire. They did an amazing  job .
 Brianne's  shower was held   at her Mom's home.

There were lots of   chalkboard signs..
The  middle champagne drink was my favourite
This is a cute idea each guest got to take home the cup they had tea or coffee in.
These were the  thank you special teas to take with the cup and saucer  to enjoy at  home.
Lots of  beautiful gifts.
Brianne opening  gift
A yummy  lunch was served
Beautiful table setting

Claire's chocolate fountain . so good.

Veggies in baguettes

 Claire's   sweet  squares
Aunt Sherry's fudge

Fancy sandwichesAll so  tasty.

  Finale was   Brianne in her Ribbon hat.
 Great fun and Great day!