Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fall Clean up

There was one lovely warm sunny fall day this week before the rain ,and cold returned.
I do believe I have mentioned before; okay I whined , that the summer was cool and rainy and the autumn hasn't been much better.. In September 2 weeks were warm and sunny.Since then, colder than normal and rain, rain, rain.
So on the one great weather day ,I spent it outside relishing the weather and cleaning up the back garden, digging up canna bulbs and trimming back some dead flower stalks....
3 bags full:

Canna roots drying;

Checking to see if the 3 heucheras I transplanted are still surviving, and they are much to my surprise!

One question;
Where is Indian Summer?
What has your fall weather been like?
Yes, that is 2 questions!


Rosanne said...

Feels good to have that job doesn't it? It was a good day for cardmaking though.

Kim and Victoria said...

We have been enjoying an Indian summer. Really can't complain. We've had some gorgeous weather lately.
Still have some yard clean up to finish up yet, so I hope it lasts just a few days more.

Rosemary said...

Rosanne; find I have to stop every once in a while and do something work LOL
KIm and Victoria; how lucky to be having Indian summer, still rainy and cool here...tho the woods are a lovely colour right now.