Thursday, 8 January 2009

Shopping bags, my new favourite things

Shopping Bags, you say!
In an effort to be a little more green. I have started using them over the last year.
The lovely green and brown patterned one Rosanne just gave me at Christmas with all my presents inside.So nice!
One is from Harrods, picked it up on a trip to London England eons ago.
The blue plaid one came from a secret Santa this Xmas and the black one from my Mom.
I have used these bags for other occasions like toting my stuff to swimming or painting, storing knitting in but just last week I used them for groceries.
Okay, it took me a while to catch on.
It certainly was an Eureka moment for me.
What I found I could pack more into 3 bags( ordinarily I would have had 6 to 8 of the flimsy grocery store bags. Easier to lug inside.
Do you use these bags? Did you have an Eureka moment too?


Crafty Gardener said...

I have quite a collection of bags that I use for all sorts of things, just like you are doing. I love them for groceries as you can pack so much more into them, especially the bags with the squared off bottoms.

Rosanne said...

I use similar types of bags for groceries and love using these types of bags for taking things all over!

Lythrum said...

I have an unhealthy love for shopping bags too and had to curtail my collecting of them. :)


Hi rosemary, i hope you are well hun. Havn't visited for a while, my apologies. I love the idea of buying shopping bags, especially nice ones like this. I might very well take a leaf out your book, as we have to be more eco friendly. Bersides our supermarkets are starting to charge for the plastic bags, to try and reduce the amount we use. Makes good sense. I love all your recipes too, its always a pleasure to pass by here. Hugs Linda x

Hendria said...

We use these as well....if I remember to bring them in the store... :) It is a great idea. Easy to make as well. You could design your own.

Judy said...

I love your bags! They are so much easier to bring your groceries home from the store in than the plastic ones. I have a couple and need to search on the internet and find a pattern so that I can sew a couple myself.

Something else, when you have to transport something from your house to a friend's or relative's house, it "looks" so much better using one of these bags than a typical plastic Wally World bag LOL