Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My Drawers

Anyone dropping by this blog looking for some salacious content , sorry to disappoint I am talking household project..
One would think after only moving into this home 6 months ago
" How messy could it get by now"?
I think when one moves things get put away, not necessarily organized .
So off the the Dollar store I went picked up some small plastic bins, etc
First thing this AM I worked on my objective to be more organized this year.
No it is not a resolution, more of a need to keep aware of what I have in the cupboards and drawers and not waste money, buying duplicates of what is hidden in and under something else.
So far I have gone through 4 drawers, 2 bathroom vanity cupboards and the nightmare of the cupboard under the kitchen sink,why is it always the worst?
Organized my makeup in to boxes , throwing out the old stuff, gosh I can't believe how much old makeup I had ,weaned it down to fit the box. Nail polish in a new bin , washed my combs and hairbrushes.
Piled my towels and facecloths into nice neat piles.

See how pretty the under the kitchen sink cupboard looks.
Kitchen junk drawer
Could I have been watching too much of Martha Stewart ?


Rosanne said...

It all looks great to me!

Kim and Victoria said...

Love the look of under your sink and junk drawer. Maybe you'll inspire me.

I have that sock pattern, is your email address the same?