Monday, 12 January 2009


Could it be I have too much "stuff".
Since we downsized last year it has been a challenge to find spots for everything.
Closets at a premium.
I have collections and seasonal items to store.
We do have a big basement.
Some time ago off I went on a search for storage ideas.
Found at Walmart some inexpensive stands , 5 shelves high.
Bought 6, they fill one long wall in the basement.
But the organizing just never quite got done properly.

The past wintry Sunday was spent organizing these shelves.
Room for my Dickens Collection

Halloween shelf

Christmas items , some of the fabric items are in plastic bags with a Clingfree dryer cloth to keep dust off and smelling fresh.
Glass ornaments in plastic bins to protect them.

Christmas lights,hanging over old wire hangers, twist ties keep them together and I put 2 strings on each hanger.

Great hint from Cityline , their home day show ,
take freshly washed Christmas linens put into a plastic bag, pack a febreeze candle in , insert the candle into a smaller open plastic bag to keep fabrics fresh until next Christmas season.
Linens ready to encase in plastic

Sealed and on shelff
Plastic covered wreaths

Canning supplies

Appliances and baking pans

Easter shelf
Some shelves still need plastic sheets to help keep dust of everything.
No,the basement still does not look like a Martha Stewart basement but it is better than it was.

What do you do with your basement space?


Susan said...

Alas, I don't have a basement. I wish I did then I could hide some of the clutter from the house down there.

Rosanne said...

Some great ideas there! I tend to use big plastic bins for storage. I like the linen storage idea as my linen closet is a bit of a disaster right now!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a basement, but have closets so jammed packed that you have to step bac before opening one! :-) I love the febreze idea!

Crafty Gardener said...

When are you coming to do mine?

Aiyana said...

At least you've found a good solution. I got tired of organizing and just gave most of my 'stuff' away. I'm at a stage that everything material seems more a burden than anything. We bought a bigger house and property to store all the stuff, and now we wish we'd have just gotten rid of the stuff and stayed where we were. Now, this place is too darned big and hard to care for, and given the real estate market, we can't sell. When we can sell it, I plan to just take the minimum amount of furniture and mementos and get rid of all the rest! We'll see what happens when the time comes.

Hendria said...

May I hire you to do this to mine. My basement is a mess....a real mess. Great job. It looks great. :)

Judy said...

Down here in the South, most of us do not have basements. I think it's because if you did too far, you'll hit water LOL I'm on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

I'm trying to get better organized as well. I'm taking it one room at a time... it's taking longer, but when I'm finished with a room, I feel like a million bucks.

Sue said...

Wow! I need to show your shelves to my husband. When we moved here, the house he grew up in, I would tell him where to put shelves, and he ended up putting his stuff on them. He throws things in the room that is supposed to be my pantry, too, and then I can't walk around in there. We have a nice sized bedroom upstairs that is supposed to be my space, but that ends up getting things thrown in when we don't know what to do with something. Right now, you can't walk in there, either. I clean there from time to time, and just when I'm almost done, I get sidetracked, and then it gets worse.

I like how you organized your stuff. Oh, and thanks for the comment on my Skywatch.