Sunday, 11 January 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

Last night the moon was so close to the earth , it was a wonderful sight.
Just had to try to capture the moon peeking around a cloud.

Up bright and early to more snow ,but oh my, in the sky a strange orb, could it be!
The sun!

How much prettier the snow seems when the sun is shining

and the sky blue.
Last week I was boasting abit about my one orchid.
Sad to say my other is not doing so well ............

This one I got from work to nurse back to health , not doing so well.
It got scale which was cured with swabbing with alcohol. The leaves have never been shiny green yellow.
This orchid is in spaghnam moss while the healthy one is in bark. Moss is recommended by most growers.
Finally decided to trash this poor thing. Yet I hesitate.
Will I or won't I.................


Anonymous said...

Hi Rosemary!

Poor orchid! I could never get one to grow. It makes me want to cry when a houseplant dies, which mine always do. :-(
The pattern for the scarf is online Here:

The hat I did freeform, so there is no pattern for that. The closest I could come is here:

The pattern for hearts are here:

Have fun! :-)

Mary said...


Don't trash it yet. It may come around. I would transplant it in bark. It will either live or die, but at least you have given it your best effort.

Take care, my friend and enjoy your Sunday.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my....orchids!!! Mine never survive. I'm an orchid killer. Is there a group for us for support somewhere?

I know...the moon was supposed to be a spectacular sight for us all, and guess what? Cloudy here!!! Figures.

Happy Sunday, and thanks for stopping by.

Lythrum said...

I had an orchid that did great until I repotted it. Then it just shrivelled up. So I gave up on it and left it out on the back porch where it stayed green for about 4 months with no water or care before it finally gave up and died. Congrats on the moon picture, it was raining all day and night here so I didn't get to see it. Booo!

Mary said...


I did a bit of research and I think that your orchid plant is getting too much light. This is what I found Watch the leaves on moth orchids. If leaves are dark in color, soft and lush compared to mature leaves, your orchid is not getting enough light. If leaves are hard, yellow and growth is stunted, the plant is getting too much direct light. Adjust light accordingly.

Hope this helps.

Rosanne said...

Hmmm, some good orchid growing tips there! You've got lots of snow!