Monday, 6 October 2008

Busy Week and an Early Thanksgiving

So here I am retired and what have I been doing ,it has been rather quiet on the blog lately.
Seems like I have all this time yet...... time seem to fly .
I am still trying to organize the new house ( will I ever be done), organizing paper work ( oh so behind), eye test and getting new glasses ( my prescription did change), Blinds came , drapes for dining room, running around to get proper rod.

Living room with blinds down

Close up of blind with the subdued pattern ,called spring blossom, a touch oriental .
Made a trip to Simcoe to register to vote in this area , the election on the
14th, grocery shopped since I held Thanksgiving on Sunday, a week early , went to the OPP station to get a police check for my casual job application, yes I am going back to the hospital were I just retired from.
Baked a pumpkin pie. Prepped the turkey,made mashed potato casserole, an assortment of appetizers , cleaned the house and set the table for 12 for dinner.
Found out my dining room holds 12 easily thinking maybe even 16 without a squeeze.
In the midst of this , did I take pictures?
Yes, of the table prior to every ones arrival , and some of the appetizers but did I take pictures during the visit of my guests and pictures of my guests NO!
So here is my table and my centrepiece I made.

Here is the pic of my apple shaped cheese ball
Link goes to Kraft for the recipe.
Rosanne's pumpkin mini muffins
Did I take pictures of all the wonderful dishes Rosanne, Sherry and Mom made( which were so good) , did I take a picture of the golden brown turkey, of us all dining? No!
Was the dinner good?
Thanks to all for their contributions , from pistachio salad to blueberry feta salad, to corn casserole.
Could this be a seniors moment?
I have decided I will put my lack of people pictures to trying to be the hostess with the mostess!
After all I was busy making mimosas, topping up wine glasses, getting Thanksgiving turkey on the table , etc ,etc, at least that is what my story is and I am sticking to it!


Jean said...

You must of had a super Thanksgiving! The table and appetizers look wonderful. You need to slow down!lol Jean

Rosanne said...

It was a good day, thanks!

I took a few people pics I can share!

Mary said...


You home is coming along nicely. I love the blinds and the autumn decor. You're doing a great job.

The table is gorgeous and you must live close by if you went to Simcoe to register to vote.

So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my Writing Nook and leaving a comment. It lead me here and I wouldn't have wanted to miss this post.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

All your foodies look yummy, and I was hungry before I visited your blog :).


Oh my Rosemary this spread looks gorgeous, and its making me feel totally ravenish! I'm sure it was enjoyed by all!!! Hugs Linda x