Sunday, 9 March 2008

March 2008 Winter Storm

We have just had what the weather forecasters call a " massive" winter storm.
36 hours of snow.
The description for this winter season is
called old fashioned.
This is a picture during the storm Saturday, doesn't look too bad , does it?

This is Sunday , digging out, beautiful sunny blue sky day.

So how much did we get?

This is out the front of the garage.
Depends on the way the snow blew.

This is at the back door step area.

Bob on the big Belarus tractor.
This is my poor Colorado blue spruce standard, covered in at least a fresh foot of snow. I have brushed the burden off my favourite evergreen.

Where oh where is spring?
Is there any hope?
Yes , saw a harbinger of spring on Friday, we went on a drive to Long Point Bay and there were 2 huge flocks of tundra swans huddled on the small patch open water .
Bet they wish they were south again.
So do I.


Rosanne said...

I like your pics! We need a tractor, our roads aren't plowed yet.

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice pics. That's a lot of snow! We should be past the worst of our winter and looking at a real "spring" soon. I'm sure yours is on its way! :-)