Saturday, 8 March 2008

Snow again

Indulged myself recently with new Cd's and on this cold snowy blowy winter day of winter , the winter that seems to never want to end I am playing this new music.

My favourite of them all is KD Lang "Watershed"
Took the recommendation of a music critic ( don't usually) to pick this one up.
Love all the cuts especially "I dream of Spring" and "Close your Eyes".
There is one that is my least liked, too old country for me,Jealous Dog.
Old time fiddle playing on that cut.
Bon Jovi, his new Lost Highway is excellent.Who doesn't like Bon Jovi?
James Blunt , Back to Bedlam, my favourites , You're Beautiful, Tears and Rain and So Long Jimmy on this album.
Celine Dion new album, Taking Chances is great easy listening slightly rock , either you love her or hate her, for me like her vocally ,
think her personal life is weird( just my opine).

What are you doing ?
Would love to hear what others are doing on Saturday?
Please leave a comment!


Kim and Victoria said...

New CDs sound nice. It's Saturday, my 5th day at my new job. Tomorrow starts my weekend; Yay!

Anonymous said...

Well Sis, I was hoping to be working on this house like a madwoman, however feeling pretty lousy today, so not much getting done, your days sounds much more fun!

Rosanne said...

Nice music selection!