Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bear Collection

I like bears.
Stuffed ones.Over the years I have collected bears , been given some by family and friends.

I have decorated a guest bedroom with them.
The walls are a mossy green, off white carpet , cream lacy drapes and white bedspread .

Sadly tho I still love bears ,I will not have room in the new house .
How to save my memories of these treasures?
Blog it.


Rosanne said...

Nice collection!

Kim and Victoria said...

I also love bears and I used to have a collection. Left them all with the 1st husband. Oh well. Yours are very nice.

Hendria said...

adorable... collection.... do you make any of the bears??

Bumpkin Bears said...

awwww I love your collection of beas, what lovely friends they must be :) I hope you will have room for lots of them in your new home. Beary hugs, Catherine x