Saturday, 26 January 2008

Snowy weekend

What does one do on a snowy weekend at the end of January with months of cold and snow still ahead? No Grandchildren to babysit this week back to the grind of work and all the usual stuff, laundry, housework and grocery shopping.
When grocery shopping yesterday I picked up some pretty tulips and a beautiful cyclamen
to brighten the house up on these grey days and to remind myself spring is only 50 or so days away.
I have been knitting some dishcloths, love these cotton cloths, they are tough and last so long, do such a good job when washing dishes. Some are rather plain knitted rectangles I jazzed up with a crochet edge, a tulip pattern from Bernat and a feather and fan pattern , and one I love is a new pattern to me I found called Knitted Lacy Round Cloth . It is from a site on the Internet It is a good site for many different knitting patterns.

Just to give a little something to sigh over here are some pics from Sherry's trip to St. Lucia,
the villa they stayed in.

Their private pool notice the bucket of drinks at the edge provided daily by their personal butler.
View during breakfast.
Sherry enjoying the scenic Pitons
The blue sky, the lush greenery, the sand , the water, can't you just feel the warmth of the sun?
Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!


Rosanne said...

Oh, I like some of those dishcloth patterns!

And the flowers do add a cheerful touch don't they! I picked up a pot of hyacinth yesterday.

Hendria said...

the dish cloth is cool..I am going to give it to my x's mom to knit...she will love it.
the photos are great..
it certainly has been cold this past week..
not to bad today...snowing large flakes..

Regina said...

Loveley dish cloth,beautiful flowers,
wonderful snowpicture.I have me in
my kitchen a smal spring garden planted.I feel me better.
Have a nice week,

Kim and Victoria said...

Are you trying to kill us? St. Lucia pics???? Oh dear! Wish I were there. Looks so beautiful!
Love the knitted dishcloths. My mother used to make them when she was alive. I still have some she made. The lacy round looks very nice.