Wednesday, 5 September 2007


At work the other day in the lounge chatting
about gardens, friends were lamenting not being able to entice "hummies" into their gardens no matter what they tried.
Did not realize how lucky I am to have so many visiting my country garden.
For years now I have grown fuchsias to draw hummingbirds to my garden.
They are fascinating to watch as they hover over blossoms drinking in the nectar.
Seems there are several different ones, different sizes and colouration and they chase each other when they come to the plant at the same time.
This year I have planted cannas in the garden under my kitchen window.
To my surprise one evening when washing dishes a "hummie" was drinking at the bright orange canna flower.
Thought I would post a picture.Can you see him?

It has only taken 2 weeks to get a picture .
The slightest movement on my part even inside the house
and away they would fly.
These pics were taken from inside my kitchen standing back from the window with a zoom setting so not as clear as I would like.
Still aren't they pretty!


Kim and Victoria said...

Those hummies are hard to photograph, aren't they? We've had lots this year. They love the trumpet vine and the agastache in particular.

Rosanne said...

I love how you were able to capture the hummingbirds in these photos!