Monday, 3 September 2007

Cake , what kind of cake?

To celebrate Bob's birthday had Sherry, Brock and Brayden over for a dinner celebration on Thursday.

Pondering what to have and decided to have pot roast , garlic mashed potatoes , corn on the cob and a salad Sherry brought.
Cake what kind of cake to have?
Family favourite is black forest made from cake mix, canned cherries and whipped cream. Yeah I know classy!

Was in the mood to try baking a cake from scratch again instead of using a cake mix. It has been years since I made a cake other than carrot. My
first attempts at cake baking years ago resulted in lumps of cement.
Searched blogs and found Baking Bites , posted was a square orange cake frosted with orange raspberry frosting on August 20th .
Looked interesting and while reading the comments someone suggested chocolate icing.
Problem solved.
In the oven;


Iced with decadent chocolate icing ;
A slice;
It was very delicious lots of orange flavour , moist, good texture and not cement.
The only thing I changed from the recipe was I used orange juice concentrate undiluted because I did not have orange zest. Gave a very orangey flavour but not overpowering. Icing a simple butter cream with 2 squares of unsweetened chocolate
A cake I will make again.
Recipe at


Rosanne said...

The cake looks great!

Kim and Victoria said...

Sounds great! Love the sound of orange flavored cake with chocolate frosting.