Saturday, 1 September 2007


Love tomato season, going out and picking the tomatoes warm from the sun.
Making toasted tomato , bacon , lettuce sandwiches, fresh tomato , garlic, herb pasta, greek salad, roasted tomatoes to spread on homemade bread.
But still have tomatoes left over , what to do?
Made spaghetti sauce with garlic , fresh herbs, onions all from the garden.The aroma has it cooks down is mouth watering.

So satisfying, the growing , harvesting and eating of food one plants and tends in the garden.

Packaged up and into the freezer for a mid "winter"( dare I say that word)
taste of sunshine.


karen said...

good recipe ideas- thanks! i just got a ton of tomatoes today after i thought i wouldn't get any more this summer.

Rosanne said...

Yummy! Tomatoes are so good this time of year!