Thursday, 2 August 2007

Mid summer , what have I been doing?

Can you believe it is August already? seems like summer is half way over.
Weather here is hot and still dry only half of the rainfall for June and July. Lost 2 shrubs so far and another is not looking good.
So what have I been doing?
Reading a lot! Sitting out on the porch!
In reality I have been packing away the main floor of our house getting ready for new flooring throughout.
Have I been able to play at all?
Of course! Manage to squeeze in time for reading and some TV watching.
Love mysteries and so the
books I have read lately are Hot Stuff by Janet Evanovich , easy quick read very cute storyline about a Irish family trying to match make a cross dresser lounge singer and a cop and the best part a bull mastiff called "Beast".

Dead Watch by John Sandford.About a Senator who is brutally murdered, his wife and a Democratic "fixer". Cynical look at politics intertwined in the story , back room stuff. Johnathan Kellerman's "Twisted" victim in this story is a teen wearing pink shoes and a geeky intern assisting a female cop. My fav.!
2 others This Dame for Hire by Sandra Scoppettone set in the forties with all the sayings from that eramain character is Faye Quick a secretary turned detective and last book by Mary Higgins Clark, No Place like Home,about
Celia Nolan who as a child shot her Mother, this one is a bit far fetched for me.

Re TV. my favourite show this summer has been So You Think You Can Dance. Last night they are down to 8 and again Mia Micheal's choreographed a routine about her Father. Had me in tears as well as just about everyone on the show. She is nominated for an Emmy for her routine last year with the park bench. I so hope she wins.Wade Robson and Tyce are other choregraphers that do beautiful routines .
Canadian Idol is another show I have been enjoying , very talented people on this year. The guest this week was Enrique Iglesias. He really impressed me with his 2 songs also in his genuine enjoyment in being on the Idol stage and his kind words to the idols.Going to get his new CD."Insomniac"
Tried to watch Americas Got Talent.Watched 3 times once in the beginning, the top 20 and the final 10. Liked George Lopez's comment on The View yesterday re this show."America's Got Talent........Oh no they don't" What ever it is this show leaves me cold, maybe it is David Hasselhoff or maybe the acts just don't seem that good,except the ventriloquist. I used to like the Ed Sullivan show I like variety shows, this one , no!


Kim and Victoria said...

I love a good mystery also. I think you'd really like Hairspray. About the dying from drought, do you not irrigate/sprinkle where you are? Or are you just tired of it? I always thought Canada had plenty of rainfall.

Rosanne said...

Hey, those all look like great books!! Can't wait to read them!

I loved Mia's routine this week. I agree about AGT, not a great show and why is Big Brother still on?