Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Brayden" Photographer"

Grandson Brayden was given a digital camera sometime ago.
He has been doing very creative things with it, movies, animation characters, general pictures of what he sees.
This is a picture he manipulated and put himself into.

Good job Brayden! I am impressed at the creativity shown.


Anonymous said...

thanks for putting me on your blog I will send some more!

love Brayden

brock said...

hi grandma im in new liskerd??!!
how are ya fellin i made this awsome shirt.cya

Hendria said...

I see you are from Canada as well. Are you close to Woodstock or Brantford.
Love your grandson photo. He will have a wonderful career in photography. Does he know about Stock photos? He should set up a website.

Have a great long weekend :)