Saturday, 4 August 2007


My daughter Rosanne got me started blogging .
Yep it is all her fault!
She started some time ago to post her scrapping layouts and things about her life in general.It opened up her day to day things for sharing and I found it a great way to keep up with what was happening with her and my granddaughters since they live an hour away and I don't see them on a weekly basis.
Felt I was missing a lot.
Now I feel apart of their daily life.
It peeked my interest and thought I would start a blog mostly for the grand kids, posting family pictures and general items of family interest.
OMG Blogging has turned into this wonderful forum sparking many of my
I still have a lot to learn.To make a more interesting blog and improve my site
I have started to search other blogs to find what others are doing .In doing so I have
become hooked on many involving gardening and cooking.
Communicated with new friends.
Came across one today that I just love and have to share , Daring Bakers featuring a Mirror Cake.
Check it out.
Am I going to make it? Oh yes and as soon as possible.
Is my waistline going to take these delights?
Thanks Rosanne for sharing your life.
Thanks to all who blog sharing your lives.
The world really is small.


Rosanne said...

Lovely post Mom! I'm glad you enjoy the bits and pieces I share! Blogging really does open up the world!

Kim and Victoria said...

The cooking blogs you share are great; I just downloaded recipes for donuts and cupcakes that I will have to try soon, from Never Bashful with Butter, a great site!