Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Diet Anniversary

August 1st is the one year anniversary of my new lifestyle change.
Okay in other words a diet.
Having been overweight most of my adult life and seeing the pounds go on more and more each year I had tried every diet out there. Never succeeded for long.
Finally about 10 years ago decided no more diets,cause every time
lose some weight, put more back on.Weight stabilized but I was way overweight , grossly obese is the term.
Last July I felt awful , no energy , body ached and could not stand being outside in the heat.Knees were killing me, couldn't walk anywhere for very long.People were asking if I was going to have knee replacement surgery my walking was looking so difficult.Thought I can't go on this way.Had to get my self under control.
Looked around and decided to try South Beach.
I liked the food on the plan.You can have chocolate!
Thought this is a permanent change can't keep eating the way I want so I better like what the plan has to offer.
Breads and cookies and desserts and lots of pasta, potatoes with every meal was my previous likes.
Long story short I have lost 37 pounds .I still need to lose 17 more.
I have gone on vacation, had special occasions come up but I find I go back to eating sensibly. Cravings oh yes bread in particular.
Finding now I also crave vegetables and fruit
. Fast food drive thrus a thing of the past.
The operative word now is treats occasionally and they had better be the best there is.
Keeping myself motivated is tough.Trying to remember how much better I feel than last year, so much more energy.Walking is easier. Have to develop more exercise into my life is an objective.
Do I think the pounds could come back , in a minute.
So am I patting myself on my back ? you betcha !
It is a tough road and one heck of an addiction.

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Rosanne said...

Way to go Mom! You should be proud of yourself!