Wednesday, 25 April 2007

April 23rd Play day

Every once in a while it is nice to have a day that you just visit friends.
On Monday took the day off from work and went to a Wicked Moon luncheon.
What is Wicked Moon you ask?
It is the name of our Lottery group. We each buy a lottery ticket each week Wed and Sat. 649 and Fri. Super 7. Cover all the draws.
Because our luck is so bad! Every once in a while we get together to remind ourselves if you don't buy you can't win. We certainly need that . In our years of buying I think our winnings amount to once $60 and the rest of the time $5 and free tickets.
This lunch was held at the Harris home. Had a tour of their lovely home and gardens.
We even had placecards with our nicknames on made by Denise who is a scrapper.
The lunch was crossaints, ham , cheese and salad with lots of a very good wine. Jackson and Triggs Sauvingnon blanc. The highlight for me the chocolate dipped strawberries . Yummy!
We had one member Sue or as we call her Syb not feeling well but she still attended , need all the good karma we can get to try to win the lottery.
Great time was had!
Then later that afternoon off I went to a friend Linda's new home for a garden consult. Linda has bought a home about 40 yrs old, a nice 2 story , one car garage home that has been neglected . Linda has a daughter Meredith a cute little 3 yr old .
The garden has large cedars and the question is cut them down , chop them back what do you do with these monsters. I did suggest she keep them because of the privacy needed in the city , cut them up and plant under them. Which is exactly what she thought to do. Had a tour of the home and again Linda is doing a great interior decor. Very modern with brown, taupe, black and accents of red.
All and all I had a relaxing fun time .

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Rosanne said...

Sounds like a great day!