Thursday, 26 April 2007

Comment on American Idol gives back

Watched the 2 hour American Idol gives back but a couple of things popped into my head.
Why did we need Ellen Degeneres ? Couldn't Ryan handle both?
How much of what was given is really given to the needy and not used up in administration costs? who decides where it goes?
Was the anguish the contestants put thru really necessary? Mean spirited to me. People wonder where bullying comes from !
The promos for a big surprise about who is going, all that really did for me was tick me off at the end. I think once again
the powers that be underestimate the general public.
The best entertainers for me Il Divo and Josh Groban.
The weirdest moment Celine Dion ( who I like as a singer) and Elvis together.
Beautifully sung by both but I remember Elvis doing that originally ( yes I am that old). For me it was a spooky.
Would really like to hear what others thought about the show.

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Rosanne said...

I had wondered why Ellen was hosting as well. And that's a good question about how much will actually be going to the people who need it, maybe there are answers on their site. I thought that they were unfair to Jordin although some people at work thought they must have known in advance that no one was going to go last night.