Monday, 3 July 2017

Bilbao Basque Country Spain

Bilbao turned out to be one of my favourite  ports of call on my transatlantic   sea voyage.. This  industrial town  turned itself around when the steel industry  moved to Korea.  It is now  a tourist  center with the main feature the beautiful Guggenheim Museum. The museum is on the estuary of the Nervion River. .

Limestone Titanium and Glass
This museum  was breathtaking  designed by a Canadian Frnk Gehry. It represents the maritime history of Bilbao with the  curved  shapes.
I have not been a fan of modern art but our guide
  certainly educated us and I have come to an appreciation.  From the Snake  by Richard  Serro then the  Tulips by Jeff Koons,
To The Puppy by same artist.
The Puppy was installed several years ago and  people liked it so much  it has stayed. The structure is made up of flowers that are  changed 3 times a year . April was the month I was there and it was made up of pansies......
The tail of Puppy

Found  an amazing 9 meter tall   sculpture  on the river side of the  museum  Maman by Louise Bourgeois. Very interesting story  about the artist and why she named it Mother. 
A slightly prettier  sculpture is this one  silvery balloons.

This museum is only of the  amazing  spots in this pretty town.  Lovely parks.
The Old Quarter 
Quaint  small  lanes , this area had been flooded in 1983  and restored.

Stopped at Plaza Neuvo 
restaurants lined the arches

Plaza of the Santo Juanes Church  from the 17th century.

Loved strolling these   streets    ...architecture  so   picturesque, Highly recommend this   city  .

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It looks gorgeous! Interesting works of art!