Monday, 10 July 2017

Le Havre and Paris

Almost the end of my transatlantic cruise ..
Ship docked at Le Havre  the 2nd busiest   commercial port in France .  Interesting to see the  city which was one of the most heavily bombed during World War 2. It was rebuilt   with many concrete buildings. I did not find them  attractive. 
Boarded a bus for the long drive to Paris.  Well worth the ride.  
Can't begin to  articulate  the  pleasure of seeing the Eiffel Tower in person. Just stood there staring , a fellow traveller turned to me to say  she had just  ticked off one of her bucket list items  Like myself  never thought she would ever get to see it.

Saw many highlights of the city which   I think Paris   is one of the most beautiful  big cities of the world.  Lots of  parks and tree lined streets.

Dome of Les Invalides

 The Louvre


The Arc De Triomphe
sidewalk cafe
Notre Dame

 Luxor Obelisk 
Quadriga at Grand Palais
Paris is April  so befitting the   song...... Chestnut trees in blossom  , spring green trees and  grass.  Cafes on every street corners,    full of patrons.   

Rue de Montaigne
This street  just off of Champs Elysees  is where the  high end  designers have shops . We just  rubber necked.
The finale of my day in Paris was a  luncheon at a beautiful  brassiere. Le Coupole.
Delightful  spot
From the sparkling mineral water , wine , fish  pate to the  wonderful crème brulee finishing with  expresso    . Wonderfully French....

Yes I had a big smile  especially after the wine.
Back to ship  sailed overnight to Southhampton  then  shuttled to Heathrow  Waiting  for  boarding   caught up on my news with the  Queen and the Times.
So enjoyed my   trip.....

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