Monday, 26 June 2017

Wish fulfilled

One of my  long time wishes was to do  a transatlantic cruise. As a child  my Grandmother  talked of her  crossings from Britain to come  to Canada. She did it  3 times and absolutely loved it.
I have finally fulfilled that dream ,

in April sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Southampton.
14 days,  6 of which were at sea. I chose Princess cruise lines Crown Princess.
My cabin was window view  with lots of room for a single.

view out my window

Was  6 days too long to not visit a port? Not for me. The ship was large enough that I explored all the venues.   Lots of activities , several of which were origami.
jumping frog
Plaza was a lovely spot to people watch.

piano  played every evening

balloon drop is ready
Princess Theater some very good entertainment.
bundled up for  movie watching in the evening
 One of my most favourite  things I did was Lido deck watching first run movies  in the afternoon but best was the evening   with plaid blankets, popcorn and maybe a  cocktail.

afternoon  movies as well.
Evening on the Lido waiting for movie
Evenings I found special little spots to enjoy a cocktail or 2. Crooners bar and Wheel House Bar with the ambiance I enjoyed.....

Chocolate Martini  Crooners
Tall cool one
 Attended lectures on ports of call  ahead.   Felt absolutely spoiled.
Next up some of the wonderful ports I found so interesting.


Karen said...

Oh, what a wonderful vacation! I'm so happy for you, what memories to treasure. :-)

Linda Smith said...

So pleased that you fulfilled a dream!! You are so brave and courageous. I know your girls are so proud of you. Love your photos... it's time to try a transatlantic. Looking forward to seeing you!!

Rosanne said...

Like your photos from the ship!