Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Savannah Ga birthday tour

My daughters  generously gifted me with a  trip for my  birthday.
 It was a decade birthday.  No, not telling age. Many..
It was a road trip with
a week  stay on Tybee Island.Tybee is a relaxed seaside resort.  On Tybee there was some damage   mostly  very large trees from Hurricane Mathew but  we were there 3 weeks after Mathew came thru.  Quite amazed at how quickly   order was  being restored.
 Saw lots of country not seen before on our drive  to and from Canada  . Beautiful Allegany Mountains...  Ohio is a very large state.. Virginia and West Virginia lovely.  South Carolina  has bad drivers... no accidents but  only because Sherry is  an excellent  driver.  Rosanne  was the navigator and I had the brake  in the back seat..  back seat driver for sure....  We saw a lot of Cracker Barrels and stopped of course,

South Carolina has a gem of a   historic seaside  town Beaufort.  Forest Gump was partly filmed there. Rosanne  encouraged this visit  to Beaufort; it was well worth it.
The Oaks   part of the historical walking  self tour
This is  the place I would like if I  ever win the lottery.
 Girls and myself enjoying  gelato   after  Beaufort walking tour.

The cottage on Tybee  was  called The Salty Mermaid  with  a  screened porch   with Savannah  swings. 
Very  cute,    shabby chic décor....comfortable...The porch was were we
wined every evening  listening to the waves of the Atlantic  in the distance.
Beautiful beach at Tybee Island  . Weather   85  everyday evenings about 70.
Besides dipping toes in Atlantic  which was warm   writing  name in sand for memorial picture.

Watching sunset   on deck of  Coco's  Tybee very rustic  setting.

 In Savannah used   the Old Town Trolley  hop on hop off for  2 days and we also did the Ghost and Gravestone Halloween night  tour.
That was an excellent way to see Savannah  and then decide what to  hop off and tour. Like The  Owen Thomas House and the Sorrel Weed House.   Forsyth Park with the beautiful  fountain,
The   22 (was 24) squares of  Historic Savannah planned by General Oglethorpe   were  one of my favourite  things to see  . Think I saw all of them.
City Market   and River walk   so interesting to see.  River walk  with the old  cotton  warehouses   and exchange.
 Fascinating to see the huge  ocean container ships when  leaving the port of Savannah sailing by the River walk cobbled  street.
 Savannah 's  historic heritage  is   most interesting to indulge  in either by walking or riding the trolley. The trolley drivers  were so knowledgeable.  Each had their own take on the city.
Sherry's  favourite stop on River walk  Sherry had radar   when in  the vicinity of any candy shop .Yes we went in everyone of them too;
Wormsloe Plantation ruin;   amazing to see  the old  oaks  draped with Spanish moss lining the long   lane.
A  drive to  the Isle of Hope   another lovely  seaside   locale  was on our agenda .  Parts of Forest Gump were filmed there too . One of the best  parts of that jaunt  the Halloween décor   on the seaside  homes. Spiders everywhere.  Huge and  small draped all over homes hanging from trees,   decorating gates and fences.
Think this trend has to come to  Canada for next Halloween.
Dining I tried to eat southern  from  Crab Shack on Tybee for  low country shrimp boil. Deep fried okra  at Paula Deen's Lady and sons  restaurant with  the best crab cakes....Rosanne chose the okra  appetizer and she was so right. So much could not eat it all and there were  3 of us  munching away.  
Note the fresh asparagus and collard greens.

Okra deep fried. Excellent!
Leopold's Ice Cream
Hot Fudge Sundaes all round.
Stood in line  for about half and hour to get into Mrs Wilkes Boarding House for a chicken dinner,  Obama has eaten there! Well worth the wait. 

Finished   our last night at Sundaes on Tybee a  small   unassuming spot with   excellent food and drinks....
It was a  wonderful  time,  Lot of walking
 Lots of history, Lots of food , Lots of drinks,  Lots of  laughs.... Made so many memories.. Came home pooped...  


Karen said...

First, belated Happy Decade Birthday to you! Wow, what a trip! Amazing food and adventures shared with your daughters. Wonderful!

Victoria Williams said...

Beautiful trip. What a great looking time!!