Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Slowly Seeing Signs!

Spring is  slowly appearing..........

Windflowers and Bluebells just  starting

For every one sunny  nice day  we then have  several cold rainy days.

pulmonaria just showing flowers

Not  whining!

Happy to see the rain as this  area of  SW Ontario has been in a drought  for the last couple of years. Dare I say not enough snow cover during the winters( No! I am not wanting a blizzard) dry springs,  and long spells of no rain in the very hot summers.

One garden visitor is  also liking the  rare sun  day he scared of humans ?....Not one bit!...I am hoping it is a He!

Brave little guy lives under my neighbours deck.

see the  entrance to the rabbit den by the eaves trough!
Yes,  lots of bunny damage to spring bulbs , to trees and shrubs over the winter. Thinking maybe "he" likes this fellow!

Wondering  what damage  this cute little guy will do   to the summer garden...


Rosanne said...

Slowly spring is making its way north.

daisy said...

It's on its way!