Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cold Early Spring

Spring has been slow to come......  Not much rain.
Until this week , lots of rain, thunderstorms and lightning.
Grass is  still brown and trees reluctant  to bud out.
There are  only a few signs of spring  in the garden.
With the rain which  I am so grateful for, can already see  the grass greening up.
Crocus  are happily flowering... even in the rain..... Sedum is starting to  peek out of the ground.

see the sedum just peeking thru?

tulips just need a few days of sun and warm to burst into bloom
But I  could not wait any longer for more bright colour..
Purchased  a pot of  pansies, violas,  purple alyssum and diascia.

 Pansies always  make me smile...

 All of these plants are cold tolerant  and will  survive a light frost ,which is a good thing this area is under a  winter storm watch for the next 2 days......
Placed the pot on the porch table to brighten the  front door area.

Any signs of spring in your garden?


poppilinnstudios said...

Little signs of spring are starting to show-daffodils and tiny buds on the trees. I bought some pansies to brighten the front porch too.
Have a good week.

Rosanne said...

Very pretty, love pansies!

Jennifer said...

My garden is even slower than yours is Rosemary. The grass is still brown and I have a few snowdrops. That's it! I don't even have the odd crocus. At least there is no far anyway. Like you I was so desperate for a little color that I went out and bought a few pansies. Love the orange colored ones with the purples.

Kim and Victoria said...

Those pansies are very pretty. We finally received some much needed rain here, I'm hoping for more soon. I hate having to water in April, it just seems so wrong.