Friday, 14 September 2012


One of the few shows I watch during the day is The Chew.  Enjoy the  banter between the hosts and  find inspiration   for  meal prep  from the  dishes they prepare.....
On Julia Child's birthday   one dish  made was  Cauliflower in a Swiss cheese sauce. They raved about this dish.
I    decided to try it.. thought it would make a nice dish to have at Thanksgiving in October.
 Used a recipe  that Julia and Jacques Pepin  made together. Found  at out the link if you want to try it.
So glad I tried making this dish ahead of time. I found it lacking in   flavour..... just not enough of either the Swiss cheese or cauliflower .... more taste in the bread crumb topping.
So this is one dish I won't be making  for I have to search for a veggie dish  to make.
Any suggestions?


Rosanne said...

Oh, too bad this dish didn't work out.

Kim and Victoria said...

I really like Cauliflower Rotini:

Bonnie said...

It looks good,though. Maybe some onions or onion powder would jazz it up, I put onions in everything! Or maybe cheddar cheese instead?