Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pods and Unstopables

Been trying some new products  Tide pods, Purex ultra  packs  and Downy Unstopables .
 Thought I would share  my   experience with  there new items..
 Used Spring Meadow  Tide, light scent .
The Tide pods boast a brightener and  would have to agree whites do seem brighter.. the pod  cleaned clothes well.  Still had to pretreat stains.  Like the   packaging  rather than big heavy  plastic jugs. I tried a small bag not the container shown , would prefer   companies  use  only  these soft  bags rather than hard plastic..   I like the convenience of the pods one  but still one needs  some liquid detergent for hand washables etc.
Purex pods; I   used  the blue |After the Rain packs, claims triple action, bright white clean , then farther on  the package, Double cleaning power in every drop . Ultra packs ,   Advertising at its best. LOL. It did a good job  but did not see any  difference in brightness......scent was light and pleasant. Liked the soft  light weight  packaging.

Downy Unstopables, Fresh scent.
 I have to say I was looking forward to using  this product.. I have  always used Downy liquid when I  wanted to soften  clothes... tried others but just not the same softness or fresh scent.
Never have liked   softener sheets do not like the chemical  smell.
 Used a sample attached to the liquid a full load  made up of  queen size  cotton  matelasse pillow shams, bedspread and  a housecoat and  small  pillow cases.... Dried the  load in the dryer.
Made up bed  and found   the scent was over whelming,  not pleasant or light , gave me a headache....even several days after  washing.
Will not use this product  again.
So glad I had a sample size to try rather than buy  the large bottle...I do wonder why   a big plastic bottle is used  for this product rather than a soft bag type , perhaps to make it look like more!
Thumbs down on this product!
Have you tried these products?
What has been your  experience?


Crafty Gardener said...

I find all these types of laundry products to smell too much for my sensitive nose and body. No one makes unscented softeners (that I can find) so do not use any at all. I much prefer drying outside when possible.

Rosanne said...

Interesting review, will try the Tide pods sometime.

kristina cagle said...

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