Wednesday, 30 May 2012

End of May Already!

How time seems to fly these days.  End of May and thankfully we did finally get rain on Sunday after a  3 week dry spell.. What a difference  rain  makes over  watering.....Everything has perked up.....
Milky Way  Dogwood.

Very  pretty  white blooms

 Garden is far ahead  this season.
Black Elderberrry is flowering.

Soft pink and white  flowers.

Baptisia with its sky blue flowers.

An amaryllis I have pampered for  3 years lots of leaves last year no flowers has rewarded my patience with 4  blooms this year and  2 side baby plants coming.......

Do you see the  4 blooms and the  2 babies?

First rose of the year Betty Boop just starting to open

Rain is in the forecast again for Friday and Saturday.. So hoping we get some more..


Muffy's Marks said...

The flowers in your garden are just gorgeous. Enjoy them!

Rosanne said...

Oh, they are all very pretty! Love the amaryllis.

Barbara F. said...

Hi dear Rosemary, your flowers are beautiful! I never heard of "baptisia", I am going to look for some at the garden center. xo

Donna Heber said...

Beautiful blooms Rosemary. I'm intrigued by your milky way Dogwood bush. Very pretty.

Jennifer said...

Hi Rosemary, Thank goodness for yesterday's rain. I have had to water more than a few times this month. I can't remember a dryer spring. Today is super cold. Such weird weather we have been having, eh? Love your dogwood especially. I have been eyeing a Black Elderberrry for a few years now. Just need to find a spot to squeeze one in. Have a great weekend!