Monday, 17 October 2011

Pumpkins pumpkins and the odd witch!

Halloween  is just around the corner, looking forward to all  the spooks and goblins that are    sure to visit.... For each season I try to have little touches sprinkled thru the house.

Candy jar ready! tho with hubby  robbing the goodies may have to refill.
This was stuffed full to top until  Hubby got to it , okay I took a few too..Shame on me!
 Found this mercury glass pumpkin at Pier One on sale regular $ 39   picked it up for $8 at the end of last Nov. It has a flicker candle inside and makes a  lovely  light on the dining table..Red maple placemat from Kohl's. What more does one need?

flicker light glowing inside.
Fitz and Floyd  pumpkin and black cat  salt and pepper  given to me years ago by my granddaughter.Love this cute set.

Cute  set  love the napkins too!

Cornocupia on front door.

Zelda the witch platter graces front hall table
Pumpkin and black cat   along for the ride
 and right beside on a stack of books a small vignette of a mini pumpkin and   just 5  stocks of wheat........  simple but  effective.

Would you believe not one pumpkin outside?
Maybe next  October..


Barbara F. said...

Very cute Halloween decorating. That was a good buy on the mercury glass pumpkin! xo

Rosanne said...

Lovely halloween touches. Want one of our pumpkins? I can give it to you on Thursday!

Kim and Victoria said...

Very nice! I love seeing Halloween decor.

Karen said...

Rosemary, your house is decorated so beautifully for Halloween. Candy doesn't last long around here, either, lol. I love the platter and the mercury glass pumpkin. And we were given a pumpkin by a friend of ours or we wouldn't have any, either, lol.

Teresa said...

You sure have your home all decked out for Halloween! I especially like the mercury pumpkin. your blog background is certainly in the Halloween spirit too; very lively!

Donna Heber said...


I love your Halloween decorations! You can never have too many pumpkins :-)