Sunday, 9 October 2011

Inspiration or lack of!

Inspiration ! one is told it is everywhere!
 My spark has disappeared, vanished  .....
Is it a case of ennui? ( I have always wanted to use that word, )
It isn't that I haven't been busy...... been doing lots of things!

Stagnant is what I am feeling like a swamp... Ugh!
I admit I am a creature of routine but does that mean my mind has become cold, rigid and oh no! DULL?
Life Dull? Never!
Could the comfort of routine be stifling my creative juices? Do I even have creative juices?
I looked up  inspiration on the Internet( isn't the answer to every question out on the  world wide web) in an effort to  get past this sparkless  bump in the road of blogland.....
Apparently it is very  easy to overcome ,   just 5 things to do to  get back my spark........
They are :
#1.Take up a new hobby
#2.Read a book and take notes
#3.Discover new music
#4.Take a road trip
#5.Learn about history

So you ask " have I tried these  5 easy things ?"
Maybe you did not really ask, but I will share anyway.
Some of the 5 things I have been doing are;
 #5 -Red Hat visit to Annandale House Museum in Tillsonburg...a Victorian house in the Oscar Wilde Aesthetic style .
Wonderful inlaid wood floors , painted ceilings and beautiful stained glass , only problem would not let pictures be taken inside the home. History now covered!

Celebrated 2  of my Grandchildrens Birthdays , young adults they are now! Where oh where did the time go? Doesn't every parent, grandparent ask that same question?
Brock and Brianne.....



Happy Birthday Kids( they will always be kids to me)

Celebrated Thanksgiving at Rosanne's

with a delicious good. Best part the family all together....

Rosa nne cooked the most delicious turkey
I contributed pumpkin pie, a sour cream dutch apple pie ( here is a printable link)

One of the best pies I have ever made.

and a broccoli corn casserole...(printable recipe link)

That was # 4  a road trip, Rosanne lives an hour away...
 #1- An Autumn floral arrangement seminar at the local flower shop called Pretty Flowers..A very modern table centerpiece, something I haven't done before ,always very traditional arrangements for me.....
Here it is step by step.
taro leaf in brown rectangle ceramic  container

sunflowers, Proteus, anthuriums, calla lilies,
wheat, bright green  button mums , mini gourds, leather fern and  snake grass.

 all very happy with   this seminar
Still working on  # 2  Reading a book and taking notes for inspiration ; currently  reading Sandra Brown -Smoke Screen.... wonder what reading and taking notes of murder mysteries,  will inspire me to do ? Hum!

# 3  New music,  would  watching  So You Think You Can Dance hip hop routines   count? I now can appreciate  hip hop,  bboy and grunge where I did not before..... see even at my advanced age  I have opened my mind to a new genre.....I am getting down with it. Still I doubt I will rush out to buy a CD of this music.
So   back to my  deserted  inspiration to blog... someone pointed out that is .....
need for perfection( at over 60  given up on perfection  what you see is what you get),
fear of failure( failed so many times at so many different things  doesn't bother me anymore),
exhaustion(I have been working at work and at home doing the dreaded fall   cleaning and turfing out of  too much stuff),
distraction(  I have been gallivanting a  LOT  but isn't that  part of finding inspiration #4)
It could be any of the above I suppose but    truth  be told  the weather has been  so lovely,    warm sunny days with summer  time temperatures , cool window open  nights  ,

a bit of rain now and then to keep the grass green and growing ,

  gardens with the last of the   flowers putting on a   lovely show....

...I have found myself   away from the computer   enjoying these  gorgeous autumn  days .. 
Putzing  around.........

part of Rosanne's  delightful table scape
Wishing   all a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


Barbara F. said...

I'd say you were pretty busy! Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours. xo


Dakota and I are trying our hand at our first pumpkin pie this weekend. I'm not even really sure if I like pumpkin pie.

I love the ceramic pumpkin you pictured.

Your creative juices will flow again... don't worry.

Patsi said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
I should make a list for myself.
New music helps and creating something, anything.
Those floral arrangements are so beautiful. Haven't heard the word gallivanting in awhile seems sorta naughty.

Rosanne said...

That apple pie was awesome! And you have been busy! What a pretty floral arrangement.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Hi Rosemary, I think you just need some fresh inspiration. Have you checked out Pinterest yet? I haven't quite figured it out myself, but there is tons of inspiration to be found there. If you send me your email address, I can send you an invitation so you can set up your own boards.
Here is a link to the home page so you can check it out:
P.S. Your apple pie looked amazing. I copied down the recipe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Rosemary,

You have been quite busy! It looks like your mojo is back and better than ever. We all need a break from the computer and life at some point.

Kim and Victoria said...

Couldn't agree with you more......I've been just out enjoying things...including doing NOTHING on my days off when I feel like doing NOTHING. It's been great. I think sometimes we just need to slow down, listen to ourselves, and perhaps take a break.