Friday, 2 September 2011

Buddleia, Butterflies, Bees and Moths.

I love having buddleia in my garden  .
It has so  many lovely blooms that last and last at a time when the garden is starting to wane.
This busy  week I did find a moment to stop and enjoy it.
While sitting quietly sipping a glass of  iced tea....enjoying the   sunshine,
I noticed all the activity  on and around  the buddleia, one very busy spot .

Butterflies- Monarch and  Black Morpho 

 A yellow that  I think is a butterfly but it might be a moth...

Love the colour so soft a yellow.
Fat bee , almost hidden. and a
Can you see him, on the right side.
White moth.

I am not sure what insect this is!
What is it, I wonder.
That is why I love having this  easy hardy plant in my garden.



I may need to get me one of these plants. Yours pictures are wonderful.

Rosanne said...

terrific shots!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I love butterfly bush also, it isn't hardy to my zone 4 but it does winter over me the past several years, it didn't use to. The butterflies love it!

Patrick's Garden said...

Glad your butterfly bush is living up to its name. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images.

Racquel said...

Love the deep purple of your Buddleia! I have a white one but considering adding a purple or yellow blooming variety as well. :)