Monday, 8 August 2011

I swore I wouldn't complain-BUT!

I did I swore I would not complain  once summer weather finally arrived after the  very snowy and cold winter followed by  the very wet and cool spring.
 I did I said " You won't hear me complain the year , bring on the  summer" ..Well Mother Nature finally let summer arrive  in the middle of June
What has followed  is summer  with all the 3 H's . .
July,  with very  hot days , nights  warm and tropical..Sunny days  made for great beaching .  .  BUT and here is the first but , DRY more than that VERY DRY!.  My  back yard grass looks like a hay field, golden   brown , not a pretty golden brown....

See the tiny bit of moisture on the concrete that was our rainstorm.
Even the trees drooped and  needed watering.
In comes August, the heat and humidity continues..  The daytime temps are somewhat  better   so far no more days of 36C.  Nights warm and  still.. BUT(note 2nd But) I live in Canada  I should not be living my summer   in A/C. When I do venture out   I sweat  even sitting,  reading I sweat, let alone  trying to do any  gardening   Sweat runs into my eyes. . I do not like to sweat.!
 Rain has been forecast just about every  2nd day...Cheering I am..rain is coming  .. for the garden , trees and lawn.  Perhaps a cooler day? Each day  with rain forecast I cast my eye to the sky.. Praying for the relief  of a  good old fashioned thunder storm to   quench the earth.
The sky looks promising..

Can you say sprinkle?

Drops I see drops.

Teased, here comes the sun! again!

Mother Nature  I say "Uncle" I give in!   I am officially complaining , whining....  BUT(#3) know come February I will be remembering  these  wonderful warm summer days and  complaining and whining about how cold and snowy it is...Never fool with Mother Nature !


Rosanne said...

Mother Nature teased us this weekend too, we didn't get much rain at all just overcast skies.

Karen said...

Rosemary, I was chuckling all the while reading this post, I know, I'm just the same, but we have had such extremes this year. Such a hot summer so far, but we're lucky in that we've had abundant rainfall. I would hate to face the heat we had with no rain. And to see clouds like those and only get a few sprinkles is torture.

I know, we'll both be pining for summer's heat when it's January. It's hard to be grateful for all that warmth when sweat is running in your eyes, though!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Rosemary,

It has been a warm summer and tough on the trees and gardens. I already see some leaves falling off my Katsura tree due to it being dry. I'm hoping we have a nice fall with lots of color.

Racquel said...

I whine every year Rosemary so dont' feel bad. :)

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Rosemary, I must say that I find this summer's heat and humidity tiring. I must be getting old! With regard to rain, I usually find that August is dry. This year it seems to have been July. I for one am looking forward to the cooler days in late summer.
P.S. That upside down cake looks delicious.

Kim and Victoria said...

Ha! Great post! We NEVER see rain here during the summer, but then we don't live in CANADA! :-)