Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bloomin Tuesday- Lilies, Sunflowers and Butterflies

Mid summer garden  when all the hard work one does in early spring hopefully comes  to fulfilment. one hopes .It certainly has been a challenge with the wet cold spring and dry very hot July. Because  we live so closely to the neighbours and are not allowed to have  fences I have been trying  to   enclose the patio .The shrubs planted have yet to reach the height needed for that so I planted  sunflowers...  They are certainly doing their job,  up over the  eaves.

Shielding the   gazebo along with the  Black Knight buddleia.

 Stargazer lilies are in full blossom.   The fragrance intoxicating.

Love the way they bring both colour and fragrance to the patio table area.....

This one is supposed to be Stargazer but is lighter  still it is lovely.

Hanging basket filling out  with pink and purple  wave .

Buddleia is  positioned close to  the patio table  gazebo area  makes it easier to appreciate the  rich colour and   an up close  view  of the   monarch butterflies  it  draws.I was lucky enough to capture  a few photos of this one  filling up on nectar...
 These are 3 different photos as the butterfly works up the bloom.
Time to sit back with a tall iced glass of lemon tea and enjoy the garden..


Beth said...

Rosemary, Your stargazers are just fantastic! They are my favorite lily, since their beauty is not only in their form and color but also their fragrance!

Sherry said...

Flowers are gorgeous Mom!

Zoey said...

Hi Rosemary,
Great idea for you to position the Buddleia where you can appreciate all the butterflies. I did the same with mine, putting it right beside the deck. Mine is not yet blooming. When it does, I love to watch the butterflies and an occasional humming bird.

What a great idea to use sunflowers for height until the shrubs grow high enough. They look so pretty.

pinkglitterfae said...

I love this time of year, the flowers are just breathtaking! Since you can't have a fence, I think you chose well with the sunflowers. I'm in the same part of Canada as you are I suspect, as we had the same awful cold spring, I thought summer would never come. Well, it sure did as soon as July started, and hasn't let up yet, lol! the flowers love it though don't they?

GrannyGoodwitch said...

Hi from Granny Goodwitch. Here are the directions for the mirror image butterfly card If you need them.

You stamp (and emboss if you want) the picture twice. One with red on white and one with white on red. (Or whatever color you want.) You cut them each in half an glue them down with opposite colors. So actually you get two cards out of this.

Granny Goodwitch

Jean said...

Amazing Stargazers! You have a lot of bloomin' going on! Jean

Rosanne said...

Gorgeous and love the photos of the butterfly on the buddliea.

maria said...

Lovely pictures.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Rosemary, It has been too hot to do much work in the garden! Finally today there is some rain. I hope my butterfly bush will eventually attract butterflies are beautiful as the ones in your pictures. I can't believe the height on that sunflower in the opening shot. They do get tall don't they! Your lilies are stunning.I bet the scent is heavenly. I am a bit disappointed with mine this year. Enjoy that iced tea!