Friday, 3 June 2011

Grandson Brayden-Thedigis Awards

BTW The Blocks  video made by grandson Brayden and his 2 chums  was nominated for a Digis award... This is a new  award event for secondary school entrants   who  are making  digital  media  videos. These awards are  supported by the University of Waterloo , Fanshawe College, Conestoga College  Cineplex and several other companies.  It was held at the Stratford City Hall.
BTW was nominated for Best Editing and Best  Film.
The boys got to walk a red carpet. Brayden is  the cool  one in the ball cap.  Do young men go anywhere without ball caps?

 Clips from their video was shown.

 No they did not win but  loved the experience .
This event is hopefully  going to be a yearly  award ceremony. So perhaps next year..


Rosanne said...

Neat idea and congrats to Brayden on the nomination.

Sherry said...

Was an awesome experience for the boys - the organizers did a fantastic job of creating this very entertaining high school academy awards ceremony for all these talented future digital media moguls!