Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blue Blossoms

Shades of blue in my garden  for me mean serenity. Peaceful.
At this time between spring bulbs and summer flowers 2 standouts are:
Baptista   -  lovely  mid blue colour

Elsa Spath Clematis- almost purple blue.

What blue flower  do you love?


Patsi said...

I love any blue flowers.
Great shots !

Teresa said...

Himalayan Blue Poppies, I wish they were easier to grow! They are fussy about drainage. I have one surviving this spring.

Lythrum said...

Beautiful pictures. :) My favorites are my bluebells and some lovely light blue phlox that I have. I snatch up every blue plant that I can find. ;)

Rosanne said...

They are lovely!

Jannett said...

love the photos of the garden... ;o)