Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spring Seeding! Indoors.

 It is time to get a jumpstart on spring.   Seed planting.   What a lot  of enjoyment  one gets from   growing plants for the garden . One of the best  parts  about growing   seeds  is the  wider variety rather than having to    settle for the one or  two from a  garden center. It is a rewarding   hobby  plus  one ends up with    a larger quantity of plants which is always good. 
Started   a tray of seeds  under lights.... they have now germinated and I have moved them to natural light by the patio door....where they grow at a cooler temperature..
First foxglove, Camelot mix; a favourite biennial. . 20 babies so far..
Portulaca, doubles. 6 heavily sown trays. 

 Saved the orangey red  geraniums  from last summer,overwintered in the basement  .    Now ,repotted , trimmed back and  hopefully they will  develop into  quite large plants for the   garden by May. I  like   geraniums with out the growth inhibitor  that garden centers put on to control the size...

The 2 coleus slips , mocha rose , I loved and saved last fall are holding up quite well. With the decreased light they have lost their colour combo but I am guessing it will appear once we have brighter sun light..

Seeds yet to start Tall African Marigolds,  Zinnas and Sweet Peas... The sweet peas    will be direct sown in the garden ... question is when? Thinking first of April.
 All these little "babies" are  whispering spring to me.


verobirdie said...

Thanks for reminding me I must start my seedlings too!

Becca's Dirt said...

Good to see your little seedlings. I'm so needing to get mine started. I think this weekend might be my ticket. Have a nice day.

Chef Bee said...

I have no skills in gardening so I'm very envious of you. Thanks for reminding me spring is coming.

Plan B

Rosanne said...

Spring must be coming soon right?

Teresa said...

You certainly ARE eager for spring! I have wintered over geranium cuttings as well. Hard to believe but I have a basil plant in the garden window from which I have made 4 batches of pesto over the winter! It is looking a bit straggly now, but that taste of fresh basil in pastas and on pizza has really been appreciated. Container lettuce has wintered over on our deck;I need to thin the seedlings.


I'm loving the mild weather. Can't wait to get my hands dirty in the flowerbeds.

Kim and Victoria said...

You're way ahead of me! I need to get crackin'. :-)
Love your choices - foxglove and portulaca. I need to get my last year's geraniums out of the crawlspace and pot them up!