Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful!

 It has snowed and snowed and snowed.....

Pretty isn't it?
 The shovelling isn't!
Still I am definately in the Christmas spirit now!
Ho  Ho Ho


Kim and Victoria said...

Very pretty! Your blog is looking so lovely too!
I love the snow. We've had our share of it but looks as if it will be turning to rain this week. I hope we get more.

Rosanne said...

it does look pretty!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

We were supposed to get several inches of snow last weekend but ended up with a dusting, another storm is supposed to materialize this weekend, we will see if the weatherman knows what he is talking about this time.

Jean said...

I've definately had enough shoveling already this winter and it didn't start until Dec. Your cards are just beautiful. Love the non traditional colors. Jean