Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Cards

Here are  a selection of the Christmas Cards I have been making this year.
7Non tradional colours this group.......

Icy blue    with a touch of humour.
This one  used a lot of punches to make the snowman pieces.
Using some glitter accents


verobirdie said...

You are much more ready than me regarding Xmais.
You made lovely cards and tags, you're very smart.

Patsi said...

Love them all !!
I've been making ones for my mother in-law.
But not the kind you do, the ones I do are with water paints from prints of my own pics or just ideas I get.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Beautiful, Rosemary! I love the non-traditional colours especially in the first photo. And the 'flakes'!

Bonnie said...

Love the cards, oh if only there was enough time to do everything we wanted to do. I have been known to make Christmas cards in July and get them all signed, sealed and addressed but not this year.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Hi Rosemary, My favorites are the ornament cards, but they are all really nice. Have a great weekend. Jennifer

Rosanne said...

Oh, they are all gorgeous!

Mary said...

Your cards are absolutely awesome. What a talented lady you are.

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for stopping over to the Nook.


Kim and Victoria said...

You're getting such a professional look with those cards. I'm really impressed.