Monday, 13 December 2010

No Power

Yesterday afternoon at  3:45 the power  decided to go off.... 
No,at that point we  did not have  an ice storm or a blizzard.
 It had rained most of the day, hadn't started to freeze yet. So  I ask the  powers that be, why oh why , does the  electrical system   break?... don't they know I am addicted to everything electrical.
 I have important things to do like play my usual  afternoon game of Scrabble on Pogo,   flick thru TV channels looking for something that catches my attention on HGTV, the Food Network or the Mystery channel, not to mention   starting  supper...  There was still daylight coming in the windows but night falls early at this time of the year around 5ish . Amazingly I  did have my wits about me  and  set about  lighting many candles throughout the house , particularly the bathrooms, note to self make sure I buy more  matches this week. So while I fumed  about the lack of  power   and worried  about how long it would be off  , a week ago   power was off for over 8 hours.
After   all don't "THEY" know  the season finale of Amazing Race  is on as is the creepy finale of Dexter.
Shaking my fist I ask "How could the  Power  Gods  do this to me! "
Settling  down somewhat I  found my  current mystery novel ,managed to read for  a while by the light coming in the windows..... as  I watched   the minutes tick by , we have a battery operated clock so at least I could   see the hours slip  by.  Torture.
DH  had dug out a battery operated radio and several flashlights... he also

had the fireplace crackling so  toasty warm  we were.Being Canadian we are prepared.....

Darkness fell  , candle light was  flickering,

Christmas songs playing softly  on the radio,   poured  a glass of  Magnottas ruby red  blackcurrant wine,  nibbled on  a very old cheddar cheese and  crackers. DH and I actually talked.
Ah, rather  romantic , calm and peaceful.
Power back! after 2 and a half hours.
Thank goodness! this short  taste of pioneer days is not for me....another note to self to make sure I stock up on  batteries..
Pioneer woman I am not.  

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Rosanne said...

Oh that wine sounds yummy! Thak goodness the power was back on for AR and Dexter though!