Sunday, 12 December 2010

Cardamon Snaps

Today the Christmas baking has begun.
Every year I say I am not making as much as other years. Cause guess who eats way too much of it all. ME!
So over the next few days I will post the restrained    5 items I am  making...... Only 5!
Will I stick to my resolve?
After   going thru  my cook books,I decided I would  make a few  family favourites  but mostly try new   cookies.....

Found this new cookie recipe from Better Homes and Garden. I get their  daily emails and  this  cookie recipe was in their All time Favourite Christmas Cookie collection. The link takes you right to the recipe.
This cookie appealed  because it has  3  well loved flavours, cardamon, molasses and cinnamon .

They do  need a day to mellow  the flavours.  I had  to watch the time in the oven decreased my time by 1 minute so not to over bake.

These cookies are dipped in white sugar and cardamon  before baking, love  how they sparkle..They were soft when taken out of the oven but quickly became a crisp cookie.


Rosanne said...

They look really good!

Bonnie said...

I was in the kitchen 12 hours today baking. My daughter and I always do a marathon cookie day. I'm not sure why we do that to ourselves. But, our cookies are packaged up for the different places they are going and now we can move on to other Christmas chores.