Monday, 4 October 2010

Rainy Weekend

It was a very wet grey weekend. It rained and rained and rained.
Nature was trying to make up for all the summer dryness in one weekend.
Did I do anything productive?
Sort of. Some extra house working jobs.
High dusting , washing some bric a brac. Cleaned windows inside.
In particular I stripped the bed and washed everything and remade it up with,
dare I say it, extra blankets for the cold weather coming.
While I was at the bedding , cleaned the rest of the room.
Usually feel good after all that cleaning but I think the greyness of the days made me feel a bit blah...
Creatively at a bit of a lull.Not one card made, nothing knitted, not one thing baked. No soup made. No needlework done. Go for a walk or a swim? Naw.
What did I spend my evenings at? TV.
Amazing Race was good as usual, loved the challenges in Ghana in particular the installation of a TV antenna. Saw the finale of The Glades. Watched Dexter , good episode. Absolutely loved Battle of the Blades. Makes me smile to see these big hockey players skating ice routines with figure skaters.
Sun is coming back this week perhaps the golden rays will make me more motivated.
Inspiration needed!


cindy said...

Hi, forgot where I popped over from.

I'm so glad that you got rain. Living in northern kentucky we are in a moderate drought. Ground is cracking.If we get any rain it is over in 5 minutes. So, I say lucky you!!

pinkglitterfae said...

those are the gloomiest days for me too. We had to deal with that all of last summer, it was terrible, and depressing. But at least you got lots of important things done and out of the way. I watch Amazing Race too, love it!
nothing wrong with enjoying a little tv on a miserable rainy day.
Don't worry about your inspiration. No one can be creative all the time, your brain needs a little time to just relax, and 'be'. Enjoy the break while you can, and before you know it, inspiration will hit!

Rosanne said...

I think we all need some down time sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this time of year. I start dragging my tail feathers when the leaves are all down, and before the snow comes. Everything is so dark and drab.
I'm another Amazing Race fan! I'm personally rooting for the doctors and the father and son team at this point. Amazing Race impresses me with its showing of life in the countries where they visit. The challenges often have the participants doing something that is part of every day life in that part of the world. Things we probably won't see here in Canada or the US.