Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Planting for the Spring

I am planting and planning for next spring.
Icicle Pansies saying "Plant us, please !"

Icicle Pansies happily planted near the patio door off the dining room in hopes that the bright faces will cheer us up after a long cold winter.

Red Hopi Amaranthus plumes drying for seeds to share .

Summer Hibiscus pods .

Dug Red Canna bulbs ready to be saved in a brown paper bagged.

Coleus cuttings started the old fashioned way in water and now planted in pots to overwinter.

This coleus is one tried this spring and I love the colouring and size.
Mocha, yellow, green and red all in one.
Sun flower seed heads gathered and now hung on iron arbour in hopes that the birds will enjoy a treat.

Amaryllis that over summered in the garden I will now bring in before a frost and hopefully have flowers over the winter.


Racquel said...

You are really getting prepared for winter. I've done very little yet. ;)

Jean said...

The Amaranthus is a lovely color. I've never actually seen one in person. What fun to see pansies all winter. I may have to give them a try. Love all the seed saving. Jean

Zoey said...

That coleus is a very pretty one. I hope it overwinters for you.

Wow, you are really ahead of most of in getting prepared for winter. I hope I have all the energy during the next few weeks!

Rosanne said...

You are right on top of your spring planning!

Kim and Victoria said...

You have been busy! I'm impressed! How do you get your amaryllis to re-bloom? Mine never comes up in time for Christmas.