Thursday, 16 September 2010

LRW # 46 Stars

The challenge this week is stars. One would think this would be an easy challenge. Not for me.
Here is the card I made.
Not a 100% happy with it.
Missing something? perhaps too dull? needs sparkle?


Shady Gardener said...

Perhaps some stamped stars in the "empty spots" in a dark color? Dark violet or raspberry or blue? Only a suggestion... :-)

Otherwise, it's still very nice Rosemary!

Rosanne said...

I like it!

verobirdie said...

My first though was "where is Father Xmas'trailer" but no, the theme is "stars"? Why not a comet in the spirit of Shady Gardener comment?
But anyway, it is already beautiful on its own.

Deanna said...

Very pretty!
Thanks for playing!
Dee - LRW DT