Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The heat is On!

Hot, Hot, Hot, no not me ; the weather.
This is the first heat wave of a summer Environment Canada is saying will be very hot. 5 days of 34 C. with that muggy humid air that makes everything feel wet. AC is working overtime.Grass is fast turning brown,
even tho I haven't cut it. I am torn between watering the grass or saving this precious commodity for future generations. Eco friendly I am trying to be. So this year I am watering my flowers but not the grass. How long will I be able to not have green grass?
There are a few plants that are loving this heat.

Strawberry Candy

This soft orange lily is a lovely colour , lost the name tag.

Surprise spider daylily, which I am loving the more I watch its performance, quite a large blossom 6 inches across.

Little Grapette

Heirloom Orange.
Stella D'oro.

This is Pardon me daylily it is doing something I have never seen , it is a lovely red colour but not opening fully.

Does anyone know what the problem is , the heat , dryness or a problem with this daylily?
Sunflowers. These are the Kong variety.
Huge leaves.
Kong is supposed to get 10 feet tall; right now about 6 . Wonder if they will reach 10?
There is a chance of rain in the forecast for Friday with slightly cooler temperatures over the weekend..
I am doing a rain dance.

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