Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Eco Adventure

Granddaughter Brittany and I went on the Long Point Eco Adventure. Eco Adventure is on the shore of Lake Erie near Turkey Point.

We chose the canopy tour, from the many choices.
It consisted of 8 zip lines, 2 suspension bridges, 13 platforms and a 40 foot rappel.....The final 2 zip lines are 400 and 800 feet long.
Brittany,Waiting to go, overlooking the view of the marsh and lake....

Getting into the harness and gear.

Brittany coming in on the first zip
One of our 2 guides, with Brittany.
Deep in the canopy of the woods.
We zipped along with a friendly family of 5 from Sarnia, one bonds very quickly cheering each other along each zip line.

Starting onto the first suspension bridge.
Quite dark in the middle of the trees.
Zip line
No pictures of the rappel , my nervousness at that challenge had me concentrating on only getting down 40 feet.
What a rush to get through this course. Loved it as did Brittany.


Crafty Gardener said...

Well done Rosemary & Brittany. That sounds like quite the adventure.

Lythrum said...

That looks like an awesome time Rosemary. :) I don't blame you for not taking pictures, lol, I'd be hanging on for dear life!

Rosanne said...

It looks awesome and I know Brittany enjoyed it! And I'm impressed that you did it too!