Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Super Easy Hat to Knit

This hat takes only 1 ball of yarn ,an excellent beginner project and so quick to make up you can have one match any outfit.This hat is a skull hat that works for ladies , too. This pattern was passed on to me from my Mom shared from her crafting group in Florida.Originally from Dovetail Designs do check out their web site.
My Grandson Brayden's birthday is coming up in April , we will be celebrating it on Easter Sunday, this hat seems like one he would like.I used a dark brown wool blend yarn. This hat self shapes into the dome . My Mother made it up in a lovely multi coloured striped yarn that is so pretty, perfect for any trendy lady.

Yarn; Sport or DK
Stitch;garter stitch (knit all rows)
Knitting Needles; 4.5 mm (7)
Leaving an 18 inch tail of yarn for finishing, CO 90 stitches.
Work in garter stitch, (K every row) for 4 inches.
Next row; (RS) (K2tog, k 13) 6 times , k to end. (84sts)
Next row; K across
Next row; (K2tog,k 12) 6 times , k to end. (78 sts)
Continue as set, dec 6 sts evenly around on alternate rows until 12 sts remain.
With tapestry needle thread 6 inch tail of yarn thru 12 sts on needle , gather and secure.
Finishing; With RS tog. and tapestry needle use tail of yarn at beg of work to sew edges tog from bottom to top of hat. 1 st per knitted st is best, weave loose ends back into work.
There is also a scarf to this pattern. If your would like that I will share that as well.

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Rosanne said...

Neat!I think he'll like it!