Monday, 29 March 2010


Small things can bring such pleasure..
One of the sure signs of spring in this area is when a local treasure opens , it is an open air flower stand . This tiny stand at the side of the highway is easily missed , yet is full of delightful bouquets. One pays by the old fashioned honour system into a old tin box. Prices went up this year from a whopping $5 to $6
for this bunch, still an amazing bargain. The flowers I have picked up there last and last.
Having fresh flowers in my home is one of my pleasures.


Anonymous said...

They're amazing! Unfortunately we don;t have anything like that here. Too bad, I would be a regular customer.

Rosanne said...

They are lovely!

Jannett said...

these blooms are amazing.. :)

Kim and Victoria said...

That is an amazing bargain! I'm impressed with the honor system.